• Summer is coming in France! Discover Winepalette new Rosé




    Rose season is beginning..!

    Access to fine wines for summer


    Discover Winepalette’s new Rosé : Mas des Jeux 2023, Vin Sable de Camargue

    “Dear wine lovers, 

    I am delighted to present you our new labelling, Mas des Jeux, Rosé wine from Camargue, one of the most popular Rose region.

    Pale, slightly salmon color, very fine nose with aromas of clementine, white peach and red berries, delicate, elegant and slightly acidic palate.

    Board on Mas des Jeux experience and discover what make this Rosé so special ! ”     

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  • New manager and office for Wine Palette in 2024!



    Dear wine lovers, 

    I am very glad to inform you that I am taking over Wine Palette management from march 2024. Having worked with Baptiste and Louis for the past years was a continuous education to me, and I feel ready to handle the challenge. 

    My vision for the future it’s to continue to propose the most qualitative experience to our customers through our services. More than that, we are going to focus on create close relationship with our partners, and look ahead on long term together.

     Evolving through Cuvelier & Fauvarque universe is unique and make us capable of  grandiose projects. Board on the train and enjoy!

    Tom Muselet

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  • How to recognize the quality of a wine ?

    What is a good wine ? An expensive wine ? Fruity ? White or red ? None of these, as my grandfather used to say: “A good wine is a wine that you want to taste again!” For some time now, the wine market has been complex and competitive, and today, countless products of all kinds are offered. Conventional wines, natural wines, organic wines, vegan wines, biodynamic wines and many more make it difficult to find one’s way around, and above all to be satisfied or to satisfy one’s customers in accordance with their selection criteria.

    It is also important to understand that the wine market is also a market where the value of wine can quickly vary, while it is complicated to jot down the factors that make a wine a quality product. Price, label, terroir, appellations and certifications, Wine Palette gives you all of its secrets to evaluate the quality of a wine.

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  • Focus on French organic wines !

      Today, we are talking about wine, obviously, but more specifically about French organic wines ! The official designation for organic wine exists since 2012 in France, and is constantly growing on the market in front of conventional wine which is decreasing every year a little bit more. However, it is not always easy to understand what an organic wine is. Between the numerous labels (European Organic Label, BioDynamie, High Ecological Value etc.), the different cultivation, harvesting and vinification techniques, the commercial and marketing speeches… Not always very clear for the consumer and even the professional !

    Curious to know what is really an organic wine ? Embark with Wine Palette on this journey to the heart of 100% natural vineyards ! 

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  • Focus on “En Primeurs” Grands Crus wines !

          Do you know the sale of “Vins Primeurs”? No, we are not talking about Beaujolais Nouveau, but about Grands Crus classés from well-known and recognized Châteaux, often with many advantages for the buyer and the consumers ! So, how are these sales organized ? What are the objectives and advantages, for the producers but also and especially, for the consumers ? Why Wine Palette is on the subject ? 

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  • Wine Palette visits the Champagne House Taittinger !  


          “Champagne helps to marvel !” said Georges Sand (French writer). And after this day spent at Taittinger, we can confirm ! Indeed, we were on Monday, May 16,  in an exceptional visit at the House of Champagne Taittinger. One of the last family Champagne Houses of the region. 

    A day full of exchanges and discoveries, each one more beautiful than the previous one ! From the historical cellars of the house, between tastings and meals washed down with Champagne in the Château de la Marqueterie, to the visit of the Chardonnay vineyards on the Colline de la Marne. This day allowed us to solidify our partnership and exchanges, as well as to discover once again the Taittinger range

    Embark with us in this sparkling journey that was on the theme of the celebration, and more particularly in the universe of the Counts of Champagne !

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  • Any ideas for your summer vacation ? Discover wine tourism in France !



    Ah ! La France ! Hugo Grotius [Dutch jurist] said: “France is the most beautiful kingdom after the kingdom of heaven” and if you ask us, we will tell you that he was obviously right (yes, we voluntarily chose a positive quote). 

    Have you ever visited France ? If not, we highly recommend it !

    And since you are interested in wine, today we are talking about wine tourism in France. Are you interested ? Everything happens below !




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  • Summer is coming… so is Rosé !

    The sunny days are coming, and the rosé wines always follow! 

    An essential element of every summer season, rosé is an unavoidable symbol of French wine culture. Indeed, we love rosé in France ! But it remains little known and little consumed internationally, we are sometimes surprised by this lack of interest for the product which has already convinced the whole country.

    So why should you be interested in this exceptional product ? Everything happens just below !

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