• BIG NEWS: Wine Palette is settling in China

    Yes, you read it right, Wine Palette is moving to China in a week.

    Actually, that is Baptiste Bigo, the founder and director of Wine Palette, who is about to live definitely in Shanghai (China) to grasp every opportunities there.

    Wine Palette is moving to China

    For more than two years now, Wine Palette has expanded his business and his clients from all over the world. Asia represents more than a half of Wine Palette turnover and this part keeps getting bigger. By going there, Baptiste Bigo is closer to his existing customers and not far from his new ones…

    So Asia, be ready, Baptiste Bigo is coming.

    But, don’t worry! if you are not leaving in Asia, the rest of the team is staying in France and will be very happy to answer to all of your needs with our large and beautiful French wines selection.

    In both cases, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Our website translated in English AND Chinese and our online catalog are here to help you to make your choice, for the best Christmas present for your employees or good clients for example…
    Remember that you can mix different wines in one single palette! Select from our 280 multi-region wines to meet your needs.



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  • Does Bio Wine become a Major Player in the Wine Industry?


    Increased production of organic and bio-dynamic wines has always been one of the key topics of this year. There are more and more of producers in France who are converting to this mode of viticulture.

    Over the last ten years, the number of organic vineyards has increased by 250% worldwide, 15% over the year 2018 represents a total surface of 1.7 million hectares. Spain, Italy, and France are the leading organic producers in the world, accounting for 70% of organic vineyards worldwide. The consumption of organic wine increases with value and will soon exceed one billion euros per year.

    In France, 10% of the vineyards are now organic, which represent about 6000 winegrowers. In terms of production, almost half of organic wines are sold abroad! Generally, French wines are performing internationally, with 30% of production exported, and this figure rises to 46% for organic wines.

    What are the Bio wines? To review, Click Here

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  • The 15 destinations where Bordeaux wines are most exported

    Bordeaux is a major wine region for wine importers all over the world. Bordeaux wines are best known for their many world-renowned GRANDS CRUS, their high quality and their unique taste.

    Wine Palette, exporter of French wines, has selected the best wines in all price ranges to help our customers make their choices.

    Today let’s have a look, which countries most appreciate Bordeaux wines.

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  • Customer Satisfaction Testimony for Wine Palette

    Wine Palette, Exporter of French wines from multi-regions.

    Our goal consists of offering high-quality wine with an attractive price to importers worldwide. We’re always trying to improve our related services in order to meet every customer’s specific needs.

    It’s an honor to learn how our loyal clients think about us. And today, we would like to share a testimony from one of our customers overseas.

    Jeff, Business Partner in Guangzhou, China

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  • Wines En Primeurs Vintage 2018 – A real enchantment!

    April is special for the Bordeaux wines passionate.

    The traditional “Primeur week” is finished.The experts of Cuvelier & Fauvarque and Wine Palette cannot wait to share their feelings and analyzes of this vintage.

    What are we expecting from the vintage 2018?
    Would it be “the vintage of the century“, approaching those in 1947, 1961, even 1982? Continue reading Wines En Primeurs Vintage 2018 – A real enchantment!

  • Does drinking wine before going to bed help you lose weight?

    Today, let’s talk about lifestyle & health. We all know that drinking wine in moderation can do good things for your body. But did you know that drinking a glass of wine before sleeping could help you to lose weight?

    Especially white wine!

    According to the researchers at Washington State University and Harvard, a study was recently carried out and proving that two glasses of wine a day can help fight obesity by up to 70%. To come to such a conclusion, the researchers analyzed the results of two groups. In all, 20 000 people were involved in this study.

    What makes wine so magical?

    A glass of wine contains less than 5 grams of carbohydrates (beer has about 13 to 20 grams). Wine also has slimming properties thanks to the special substance called “Resveratrol”. According to experts, this substance can inhibit the increase of fat in the cells of the body.

    Maybe the next popular drink will be the white wine.  Who knows!

    What are you waiting for to order your Mixed Wine Pallet or container? Just make sure your pallet arrives before customers claim all the White Wine.

    With Wine Palette, costomize your pallet with wines from all French regions.

    *Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.
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  • Create your own custom labels

    Did you know that Wine Palette also offers you the possibility to create your own personalized wine bottle labels in keeping with your markets, your customers, their needs…? Our client Tim also did it and does not regret it…  He gives us his opinion.


    Why did you create your own custom wine labels? What was your project?

    We wanted to launch a Côtes de Provence Rosé in Australia under our company brand of 500 Wines. Customer feedback indicated that our clients wanted to drink French Rosé and not Australian Rosé in the warmer months of the year.

    When and where did you launch your custom wine labels? Did it work?

    We launched our labelled wines in Sydney, Australia in November in time for the Australian Summer. It was very successful and 70% of our Rosé has already been sold.

    What added value do your custom wine labels bring to your bottles?

    Our loyal customers were able to purchase French Rosé with our brand (500 “Mon Plaisir” Rosé).
    In Australia, it is more prestigious to serve French Rosé than Australian Rosé. Our 500 “Mon Plaisir” Rosé has helped us greatly here.

    Would you say that your custom labeled wine bottles have better targeted your

    Yes, absolutely. We have a strong and loyal customer base in Australia and I feel that by creating custom labels, we have been able to respond to the needs of our customers and provide them with something that did not exist in the Australian wine market.

    How did you design your wine bottle labels? Where did you get the idea? How did
    you choose the packaging?

    Our design team created the labels, in consultation with Wine Palette, who greatly assisted in helping to cover the specific legal requirements for export, particularly for the specific information needed for the back label. The labels were based on our existing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir label design but with a different colour scheme to reflect the product and variety.

    Are you satisfied with your experience and would you recommend it?

    The team at Wine Palette has been very professional and made the overall experience very enjoyable of creating our own label for french wine for export to Australia, We are now discussing two more custom labelled products for export to the United Kingdom and Australia. I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in creating their own labelled wine.


    So, ready to create your own label?

  • 5 important things to know before starting importing wines

    Here we are… In a few weeks, a new year will come, and with it new projects, new expectations, new resolutions…
    As wine importers, you probably want to make the right decisions, the right choices and you certainly hope that all your work will pay. And you know what? We want the same for you and we are here to help. Even if you are just starting to export French wines, Wine Palette has the expertise to advise and guide you as well as possible.

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