Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, yet another profitable and commercial event.

But the 14th of February is also considered for many as the day of love. We can find many stories telling the origins of this day but how can we know which one is true ?

Whatever it is, Valentine’s Day is about love. It’s showing once more – or for the first time – your love for someone by sharing a lovely moment with him/her. It might seem a little cliché but we are always happy to receive a gift such as flowers or a card as a recall from our other half.


Thereby it’s a perfect occasion to offer to your clients the best selection for a perfect evening. Although not everybody celebrate Valentine’s Day, a good meal served with a the right wine is always pleasant. Still, it’s a good excuse to reveal your love.

Wine comes with an atmosphere, and we have some examples of good combinations for an elegant, sexy or chill atmosphere. After all France is known to be romantic, so french wines should be too.

Our Selection :

For an elegant atmosphere choose: Burgundy red or white, for example: Clos Saint Germain or Domaine Manuel Olivier

If rather chill : White Bordeaux will be perfect with Dubraud blanc

or Sensual : you could suggest a white Loire : Domaine de Champarlan or Lieubeau Chardonnay Sauvignon

For a sexy evening : Côtes du Rhône rouge : Abbatiale de Saint Giles, Pardon Saint Hubert

We also know that on Valentine’s day many couples get engaged or celebrate their umpteenth anniversary, so champagne should be on top of your suggestion list : Drappier Champagne


Good sales and Happy Valentine’s Day!