Domaine Marillier Clos Saint-Germain

The nose has wild fruits aromas. Entire wine, rich in body and fruit with a nice fleshy roundness


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Domaine Marillier Clos Saint-Germain






Pinot Noir


750 mL

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About Domaine Marillier Clos Saint Germain vineyard

The Domaine Marillier Clos Saint Germain was founded in 1921 and is located in Azé, in the heart of the region of Mâcon. There, the Marillier family cultivates a vineyard of 46 hectares. Mickael Marillier is running the estate assisted by his father Jean-Pierre and also by Laurent Chardigny. The three men share the same philosophy and a common approach to their work. Therefore, two words sum up the Domaine’s philosophy: listening and tradition.

About Domaine Marillier Clos Saint Germain Pinot Noir

Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir
Nose: Wild fruits aromas
Palate: Entire wine, rich in body and fruit with a nice fleshy roundness
Robe: Purple

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