How is technology changing the way we relate to wine?

Technology, Innovation, Big Data…we got used to these terms in many fields, but mostly in informatics, science, automobile…And after analyzing new product launches we realized that we can also find very interesting innovations in wine industry.

We drink and taste wine for ages and we appreciate it as it is. Today technology plays an important role from right up to the end of wine making process, and not only.

In France for example a personne uses 35 applications per month, and we all have a handful of applications in our phone that make our lives easier in many ways.

Apps, website, equipment, many new things are created to develop the wine business.

We note some good ones that could help you increase your sales and complete your offer.

A connected wine aerator : Aveine

Wines have to be aerated to express all its flavors and perfumes. A good cellarman always advise on the aeration time, but will it be the right and exact time? Every wine need a different aeration, it can be 1, 2 or 4 hours and if you are a very eager drinker you will love this innovation. The aerator offers an immediate aeration so you can taste your wine few minutes after opening the bottle. Only imagine a good bottle of Bordeaux ready to be drink after opening!

Wine Sampling : Vinovae

Wouldn’t you like to allow your clients to taste wine without opening and waste several bottles? Now it’s possible : thanks to an innovating and patented process : Vinovae turns your bottles into 2cl wine samples. A screwed cap, PET unbreakable bottle which protects aromas and flavors, an innovative sampling process which is carried out under inert atmosphere, eco-friendly samples, traceability and a clear label this is what the Vinotte is made of. Your customers will love this miniature wine panaché.

 Wine scanner : My Oeno 

It’s a new technology that allows you to know main oenological characteristics (the level of strength, acidity and tannins) of wine you taste. Just immerse your Myoeno Scan into your glass of wine and receive instantly in your phone app its main oenological characteristics. All along your degustations and ratings, it builds your favorite tastes and uses the data to suggest bottles that you might appreciate and where to buy them.

Smart storage : Caveasy

Caveasy is the first smart wine cellar management system with technology equipped racks connected to a smartphone application. First you inventory your bottle by taking a picture of the label, then you lay down your bottle, anywhere, once you want to taste a bottle you have to select it in the app and a light on the rack show its location, after you just need to withdraw the bottle and the inventory will be automatically updated. So it’s not only an elegant logistic solution but you won’t need to look for your favorite bottle, Caveasy will show it to you!

Another smart assistant of the wine is : Sublivin 

An artificial intelligence which predict the ideal date of consumption of wines. The artificial intelligence analyzes the dominating criteria in the ageing of the wine by basing itself on a big volume of data.

Seen what’s already going on in wine technology we can imagine what else will be done! Wine Palette can’t wait to see an automatic way for shipping wine!

We are curious even if drinking wine in its simplest way will always be our favorite.