How is 2017 vintage? Eastern Europe is one of the world’s largest wine growing area, nonetheless, it suffered from harsh and severe weather throughout the season.

2017 vintage harvest :

2017 vintage was a challenging year for wine growers. The conditions were extreme for French wineries.

Most of the wine regions underwent frost and drought one after the other which impacted on the wine harvest. Indeed, no one can ever predict – with ultimate precision – the weather. Still, various methods have been used to try to limit the damages.

Even if the production of this 2017 vintage in France is tiny, the producers are claiming an excellent quality of grapes.

In Bordeaux the impact has been rough and the wine production may decrease of at least 40%, but unluckily it wasn’t the only region hit.

What’s expected :

What’s expected in a Bordeaux :

White Dry Wines :
Beautiful quality, both fresh, lively and aromatic, a very beautiful vintage of white

Red wines :
The red wine comes for its part with a beautiful aromatic expression, color, fruit and freshness

The 2016 harvest was already one of the poorest in 30 years, so if you haven’t got a wine cellar yet, it might be time for you to get one and start stockpiling!

Let’s hope that mother nature won’t be so cruel next year!