Everyone is more and more concerned by the environment, so is Wine Palette. Thanks to our partnerships with committed wineries, we are able to offer a green selection of more than 100 biodynamic and organic wines and some from sustainable agriculture.

But what is the difference between them?
Let’s have a little update on these three main environmental certifications of wine.

Sustainable agriculture

First, sustainable agriculture aims to limit the impact of agricultural activity on the environment. It means using a minimum of chemicals, treating the vine only when necessary and ensuring a total transparency of these vine treatments.

Organic wine

Then, organic wine is a “wine made from organic viticulture”. That is to say a wine produced from grapes certified in organic farming (no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs). Henceforth, since 2012, in order to obtain the organic certification, it is necessary that the grapes come from organic farming but also that the vinification meets a stricter specification. Thus, the rules of vinification are more “clean”.

Biodynamic wine

Finally, biodynamic wine is best for the respect of natural balance. To obtain biodynamic certification, you must first be certified in organic farming. It also signifies that you respect natural cycles and the life of the “agricultural organizations”, that is to say the life of a wine estate thought as a whole.

So is everything clear? Would you like to taste the difference?
Just ask us our green list of our biodynamic and organic wines and choose what you would like.
We will take care of the rest.

The Team Wine Palette