Tell me what you like wearing and I will tell you which wine suits you

Wine and fashion have more common points than it seems…







  • First, the vocabulary. Describing wine is like describing a person’s appearance. How can you tell the difference between wines and looks when you evoke their colour, elegance, roundness, volume, smoothness, structure or character?
    Both involve human senses: sight, touch, smell and taste.


  • From “ready-to-wear” to “haute couture” or from a wine “ready to drink” to a Grand Cru, there is a wide price range. Both wine and fashion require quality material: the finest fabrics for clothes and the best grapes for wines.


  • There is also regular renewal: twice a year for the new fashion seasons or after every harvest for the wine. On care tags or wine labels you can find instructions to help you wash your clothes or serve your wine at the perfect temperature.


Thus, why not using these similarities to find the ideal wine as you find the perfect look for you?


Step 1: Choose a look

Imagine someone you meet in the street. You see this woman in a black suit and a fitted shirt; she is wearing a pair of stilettos lengthening her figure. A very elegant, close fitting and slightly masculine look.

Step 2: Apply the description of the look to the wine

Imagine now a wine with the same character: a very elegant wine, with a dark, almost black colour, it looks robust but reveals a great delicacy in the mouth.

Step 3: Find your wine!

We can imagine a red Côtes-du-Rhône, famous for its dark and deep colour. For the palate we will rather turn to the Septentrionales and their full-bodied red wines which remain particularly delicate and feminine.


So we could suggest to you:

Domaine Philippe et Vincent Jaboulet
Crozes Hermitage


You can trust us: we will certainly find the wine which best matches your look among our 600 references.

So, ready to play the game ?

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