Bordeaux is a major wine region for wine importers of all over the world. The most famous wines of this regions are the many GRANDS CRUS, thanks to their high quality and their unique taste.

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Today let’s have a look of which countries most appreciate wines of this beautiful region.




At first, the wines of Bordeaux had a very good year 2018 in terms of exports. The total volume fell by 14%, while the 3% increase in turnover reached 2 billion EUR! This is the result of the 2018 assessment of the Inter-professional Council of Bordeaux wines (CIVB). They have published a list of 15 destinations where this noble drink is sold the most.

Asia remains in first place, despite sales in the Chinese market have dropped significantly in 2018. With 10 million bottles totaling 327 million EUR registered, Hong Kong is the number 1 importer of  the Wines of Bordeaux.

Despite a 22% decline in value (equaling 311 million euros in 2018) and 31% decline in volume (58 million bottles), Mainland China remains the second largest importer of Bordeaux wines.

In third place, we have the United States with a slight decrease in volume (-1%), but whose overall value of imports exploded (+22%).

The United Kingdom is the N°1 European country on the list (in 4th place), with 225 million EUR and 24 million bottles imported. Germany and Belgium are in 5th and 6th place, respectively.

In 2018, 44% of the annual production of Bordeaux wines were exported.

The ranking of the 15 destinations where Bordeaux wines are most exported:

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