Wine Palette is moving to China


Yes, you read it right, Wine Palette is moving to China in a week.

Actually, that is Baptiste Bigo, the founder and director of Wine Palette, who is about to live definitely in Shanghai (China) to grasp every opportunities there…





For more than two years now, Wine Palette has expanded his business and his clients from all over the world. Asia represents more than a half of Wine Palette turnover and this part keeps getting bigger. By going there, Baptiste Bigo is closer to his existing customers and not far from his new ones…

So Asia, be ready, Baptiste Bigo is coming.

But, don’t worry! if you are not leaving in Asia, the rest of the team is staying in France and will be very happy to answer to all of your needs with our large and beautiful French wines selection.

In both cases, do not hesitate to contact us!

Our website translated in English AND Chinese and our online catalog are here to help you to make your choice, for the best Christmas present for your employees or good clients for example…
Remember that you can mix different wines in one single palette! Select from our 280 multi-region wines to meet your needs.



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