Les Copains Le Petit Courselle

Born to impart pleasure and conviviality, this wine has abundance of primary fruit aromas like blueberries, red plums, black cherries etc. Pair it with lasagnes or rosted chicken or with spaghetti bolognaise to tingle your palate with magic.


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Les Copains Le Petit Courselle






750 mL


Entry Level

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About Les Copains Le Petit Courselle

Born out of the imagination of Marie and Sylvie Courselle, Le petit courselle is the brother they never had, whom they brought to life through this wine to share the adventures, craziness and magical moments of their childhood. This wine “Les Copains” imitates their character; joyful, full of generosity and bringing people together to share life.

Wine characteristics

Grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
Nose: a good balance of red fruits and bright vegetal aromas
Palate: round and elegant with lightly spiced finish
Robe: beautiful ruby color with orange hinges
Evolution: ready to drink now

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