Summer is here! The sunny days and the rise in temperatures encourage us to spend more quality time in the outdoors with family and/or friends. We may enjoy a little glass of whine in a park or on a terrace, but which ones are best for this time of year?


Red wine is often associated with cold evenings, fireplace, and hearty meal and it surely isn’t our first choice when it’s hot outside!

Obviously, Rosé is the first wine coming to our mind, because Rosé is everywhere all summer! For the really hot days, it is better to choose Dry Rosé, which will be fresher. Stronger Rosé will taste better on a less hot day, but in any case: remember to put them in the fridge as it is far better when served cold!

Examples : Fleur d’Eglantine – Nîmes / Gris de Gris – Dune / Ovni – J.Mourat (Loire)


White wines are to be served a little fresher as the best temperature is between 8 and 12°C.

The most refreshing are from Val de Loire or Corbières for instance.

Examples : Chenin de Jardin – J.Mourat / Villa Dria – Colombard / Clacson – Frais

But actually, Red Wine can also be pleasant as long as we know which one to choose and how best to serve it.

Forget about the room temperature rule as the right temperature to drink them would be between 12 and 14°C.
The term “room temperature” is almost two centuries old, and at the time the houses were at 15 degrees. Today they are at 20°C which is obviously to hot for a wine which shouldn’t be drunk above 18°C (less fragrance but the same amount of alcohol).
As for the choice of wine, it is best to select a light and fruity wine such as a Pinot noir or a Gamay, which is juicy and has a savory style. Val de Loire wines can also be suitable for the season.

Examples : Rouquin de Jardin – J.Mourat / Nicolas de Bourgueil – Mabileau / Clacson – Pays d’Oc (Barbeur)