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How it works?

Wine Palette Statement

We know how large the wine offer in France is. That is why we want to give to wine importers the ability to source all of them with only one single provider. So we created Wine Palette, the export solution for wine importers worldwide.

Thanks to its experience, we have a real expertise in the wine industry and we are able to offer a real on demand wine procurement solution of quality wines, adapted to our customer’s needs. Then, you could:

  • order a full pallet whenever you want by mixing up to 50 different products on one single pallet ;
  • have exclusive access to certain references due to sustained relationships established with our partner producers ;
  • be able to source 10 different producers in order to add 10 different products, because we are the direct link between you and the winery.

That is how it works. All that remains is the selection of your wines.