Château Camplazens La Garrigue

This wine delivers aromas of ripened plums with a pronounced intensity on the palate finishing with notes of leather and chocolate.


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Château Camplazens La Garrigue






La clape


750 mL

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About Château Camplazens La Garrigue

The Château Camplazens is located on the site of a Roman colony on the top of a limestone massif known as the Clape. The environment has been protected since 1965, the only activity allowed is the cultivation of vines and the wine-making from grapes. The Château Camplazens is one of the few vineyards located on the top of the massif with these vineyards at an altitude of 150 meters and 2 km from the Mediterranean Sea. The climatic conditions are ideal with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, on the highest point of any part of the Northern Mediterranean. Château Camplazens is located on a plateau of Mediterranean red soils with a mixture of sand, silt and clay on a calcareous soil. In 1993, the French Ministry of Agriculture conducted a study to determine the growth potential of quality grapes on La Clape and concluded, “From a geological point of view, the soils of Camplazens are very different from other soils on the Clape area.” In addition, the expected yields are much lower, in other words we have here Un Grand Terroir» «… The potential of areas of the vineyard that can be cultivated is considerable.”

Wine characteristics

Grapes: Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%
Nose: Complex blend of ripened red and black fruits assembled with light spices

Palate : Plums with mineral notes accompanied with chocolate and leather
Color : Dense ruby color indicating freshness
Evolution: Ready to drink

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