Baudry Champagne Brut

The palate is round, assertive, tangy, with strawberry and raspberry. Aromatic complexity with hints of dried fruit (almond, hazelnut) and yellow fruit compote.


Ex Cellar






Champagne Brut


750 mL

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About Baudry Champagne House

The Baudry Champagne house belongs to the same family for several generations. Armel and José Baudry, harvesting owners, perpetuate this tradition. Sensitive to sustainable development and the environment, they have chosen to have a vineyard rooted in a personal approach more respectful of the planet, to have a viticulture that is part of a global scheme of actions which respect human beings. Thus the Baudry’s house, certified organic viticulture, produces champagnes with passion and respect for tradition.

About Baudry Champagne

The palate is round, assertive, tangy, with strawberry and raspberry.

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