Here we are… In a few weeks, a new year will come, and with it new projects, new expectations, new resolutions…
As wine importers, you probably want to make the right decisions, the right choices and you certainly hope that all your work will pay. And you know what? We want the same for you and we are here to help. Even if you are just starting to export French wines, Wine Palette has the expertise to advise and guide you as well as possible.

Here are the five important things to know before starting importing wine:

  1. Choose a supplier who already has a good export experience and who offers a large selection of multi-region wines in order to simplify your exportation by doing only one process. 
  2. You need to have an excise number which allows you to import, to export and to store in bound. To obtain it, you have to send a file to your customs office. 
  3. Your supplier has to provide you the e-AD (electronic administrative document). It allows to sell off tax and gives a customs value to the goods. 
  4. Be aware that depending on your country, you will have to pay a VAT and an excise duty. It is not the same price for still wines and sparkling wines. Please find a summary table below*. (*be aware that the information contained in this table is subject to change) 
  5. After receiving your order, do not forget to control it in case of missing or broken package. Keep the a copy of the customs declaration and the supplier’s invoice in case of customs and/or fiscal control.

*be aware that the information contained in this table is subject to change